Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lack of posting has been a result of numerous things, mainly my Mark's Gospel R.E exam on Thursday. Couldn't keep it to yourself could you Mark. Clearly you didn't understand the concept of having a diary.

What I should have been doing

Then on Friday I had a practice expedition for my Duke of Edinburgh Award, which for those of you who haven't heard of it is an award which involves camping, volunteering, sports playing etc. I can feel the excitement pulsating through your keyboard. So what ensued was a 15km on Friday then again on Saturday. With backpacks. Heavy backpacks. Blisters galore. And then obviously we had to sleep in tents, which meant I got about 3 hours sleep and woke up at quarter to five.  What I thought was quite funny is the fact that the Duke of Edinburgh (the Queen's husband) has NEVER had to do that and the closest he's come to camping is probably a picnic in the Buckingham Palace gardens (not made by him obviously). Anyway apart from said problems it was actually good fun, highlight being roasting marshmellows (like something out of High School Musical) then my friend pouring oil on the fire (why not) and it bursting into flames and the teacher shouting "STAND BACK!" clearly not having a clue what to do (I think they missed out that scene from the film). It was all worth it if only for the chinese takeaway and thirteen hour sleep which followed (half 8 till half 9 ahhh yeeeeeah). Lost my Pot Noodle-ginity also, which was such an anti-climax. I expected big things. It brings a shudder to my spine to think of it (alright not really but it was gross). Meanwhile:

I'm still tired so a Sopranos marathon is in order. Then I might play ping pong with my bird and go for a drive:

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