Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I haven't written in a while, for which nothing is to blame but my laziness. In my defence, I'm revising for exams... no? Not working? Ok I'm lazy. Alas the lethargy ceases. I'm doing a debate in school next week and I'm not sure of the exact motion, but the motion is essentially books vs. films, me being in favour of films, so I'll post that within the next few days. Clearly a very difficult task, arguing against books (who is Shakespeare? The daggers are out, no holds barred) but hey, God likes a trier. In the meantime, BACKPACKS. I have an American flag backpack sort of like this one which I got from Benetton when I was younger in Portugal, I remember thinking it was the coolest thing known to man (which it was/is) and used to drag it round aimlessly (shamelessly) loving the novelty that it was the American flag on a bag. Genius. AND it could also be used as a trolley/suitcase as it had wheels. Pretty AND practical. After seeing this fine example of cross-Atlantic patriotism (although he did copy off a seven year old me... awkward) the Benetton backpack's long awaited return is imminent.

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  1. hurray!! love that backpack!! take it to paris!!