Monday, 28 February 2011


During last night's Oscar ceremony, James Franco wore a dress and Anne Hathaway wore a tuxedo in a cross-dressing gag. James Franco was looking like a B-lister who'd just been rejected from the after party, and the joke went down well, but Anne Hathaway next to him, very sincerely, looked amazing. All suave and sophisticated in a Lanvin tuxedo, (dare I say) for that small joke she was the best dressed woman of whole evening. She will soon be starring as Selena Kyle (a.k.a Catwoman) in Christopher Nolan's latest addition to the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, alongside Tom Hardy's Bane and, of course, Christian Bale's Batman (Christian Bale being the winner of the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in The Fighter). Congratulations must also be given to Colin Forth and Natalie Portman, the worthy winners of the Best Actor and Actress awards. AND to Aaron Sorkin, the man who penned the script to The Social Network, a film so sharp, witty, clever and hysterically funny the Oscar was his from the release. This is the film that gave us "Dating you is like dating a stairmaster", this gaining entry into my prestigious vault of favourite quotes. This is also the man who gave us "You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!", a line which has it's own throne in my vault of favourite quotes, and is possibly the most quoted line from a film ever. That is one of my favourite scenes of all time, the climax to the fantastic A Few Good Men. Every word uttered in this scene is of pure genius, and frankly, Tom Cruise should have got an Oscar for this scene alone. Notice also Jack Nicholson's fantastic rant at the end of the scene, again, Aaron Sorkin's writing leaving me astounded. I need to stop now. But please, if you haven't already, see The King's Speech, the film which picked up the coveted Best Picture, and while you're at it, see A Few Good Men. For now, here's that final scene (although it's probably a bit of a spoiler for the whole film... still, watch it).

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