Monday, 17 January 2011


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This week saw the Burberry Prorsum show in Milan, and, as always, was a memorable one. The emphasis was on the coats, as it was last year. Check, as seen above, was featured in various different colours, a refreshing change from the autumnal colours of last A/W. The duffel coat was there, and of course the trusty trench, as well as numerous double breasted numbers and pea coats (including one cow hide coat - maybe if you're Mick Jagger). I noticed also the chunky-soled boots, similar to the ones seen at Prada S/S. I am a big fan of these. I expect to see check undergoing the shearling treatment, and think this will be a big high street hit in winter. The slim wool trousers were also winners for me, and I got my annual fix of beautiful crew neck jumpers. The show began with a video of falling rain projected onto the wall of the catwalk, and the show finished with actual rain (yes, actual rain) on the catwalk (one model even slipped, causing a few titters from behind). As the rain poured, battalion of transparent anoraks paraded down the catwalk, making Burberry the only company in the history of ever to make the anorak cool, and a punch in the arm to the everlasting British weather joke. A brilliant show.

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